Shower Curtain - Pua Kenikeni

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Design story: Our signature Pua Kenikeni design has been a huge part of our brand since 2018. The inspiration for this design came from my childhood. Growing up, we didn't have many plants in our yard, but we did have a Pua Kenikeni tree.  This tree gave us the best flowers and allowed us to make hundreds of lei. It was a huge part of my childhood and because of that, it became one of my favorite flowers. Today, you can see these trees all over Hawai'i & it is one of the most prized lei to make using the flowers you can grow right at home. * 100% durable quick drying polyester * 70"x72" * suitable for indoor use * machine wash delicate/hang dry * includes 12 plastic curtain hooks * *We do recommend putting a plastic shower lining behind the curtain when hanging in the shower Colors and pattern placement may vary from the photos due to the nature of photographing and monitor color settings.