Puakenikeni Reed Diffuser

Puakenikeni Reed Diffuser

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Puakenikeni, one of Hawaii's most loved flowers, is a beautifully balanced fragrance with notes of jasmine, clementine and waterlily.  The fragrance of our Puakenikeni will bring back memories of receiving that orange flower lei in celebration of an accomplishment or birthday!  If you haven't ever smelled this flower, you won't be disappointed with how beautiful it smells. All diffusers come with a set of 6 reed sticks. Suggested usage: * Simply insert the reeds and let the oil travel into the air.   * Occasionally flip the reeds to release more of the fragrance. * Replace your reed sticks with a fresh new batch every couple of months. Scent time:  * 8 oz - Eight months to a year. * 4 oz - Four to six months.


• Made in United States • Weight: 12 lb (5.4 k