Naupaka Pareu

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Our best-selling pareu (sarongs) are famous for being extremely soft, lightweight, and luxurious feeling. They maintain their color and feel wash after wash. Because versatility is an important part of our brand, we love that these pareu can be used in so many different ways. Some of our favorite uses are as a traditional beach wrap, scarf, blanket for babies or adults, or as a head wrap. Recently, we've also seen some women tie them into a very stylish top or dress! Talk about the ultimate versatility in one item! 

Design story: This design features two Native Hawaiian plants, Naupaka Kahakai (grows near the ocean) and Naupaka Kuahiwi (grows in the mountains). These flowers are unique and known for resembling only half a flower. When put together, they form what looks like a whole flower. Ancient stories speak about Naupaka, sister of Pele, and her lover, Kaui. There are many versions to this story, one of them talks about Pele becoming jealous of their love and sought to kill them. To escape from the wrath of Pele, Kaui escaped to the mountains and Naupaka ran to the sea. The two lived apart forever, two halves forced to separate. Their love story is represented through these two half flowers, one which grows near the ocean and the other in the mountains.