Labradorite Empowering Necklace

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abradorite 18k gold plated. Adjustable choker. Handmade with love in the south of france,comes in special flower of life, crystal cleansing, packaging. Affirmation: I am protected and the universe has my back. Labradorite allows your third eye to open and see the divinity within You. When you experience and see that you are an immortal soul, Nothing can break you and you walk protected, guided by your Intuition. Labradorite comes from labrador, and it is considered a Sacred gemstone by the inuits. The legend of the sky dwellers that Tell the story of the entities and souls that live in the sky, Creating the phenomenon of the aurora borealis, also say that the sky Dwellers live inside labradorite gemstones, making it a sacred, Protective amulet and talisman.
Made in France