5 oz. Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water

5 oz. Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water

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This is one of our spiciest sauces! Chocolate habanero may sound sweet, but it’s actually very spicy! It’s a local pepper that grows on Kauai and is about twice as hot as a regular habanero pepper. Farmer Ray grows these special peppers and then delivers them straight to our doorstep where we ferment Chili pepper water originates with the native Hawaiians who traditionally bottled sea salt, local peppers, and water. Locals put this stuff on EVERYTHING. We kept our version simple and true to its roots. We especially like to add it to soups, soba noodles and eggs. This is one of our least spicy sauces. INGREDIENTS: Apple cider vinegar, Filtered water, Onion, Garlic, Fermented Hawaiian chili pepper, Hawaiian sea salt. Certified organic Sourced locally


• Made in United States

• Shelf life: 12–24 months