Monoi Tiare Tahiti Coconut Oil

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About this product

Parfumerie Tiki's Monoi Tiare Tahiti is the original Monoi Oil that has been made commercially by the same family in Papeete, Tahiti since 1942. Monoi Tiare is an advanced version of common family traditions, an ancient beauty secret that has been made by the Tahitians for generations. The ingredients are 99% coconut oil, refined to the highest possible cosmetic grade, infused over time in a maceration of fresh Tahitian Gardenia flower petals, with a dash of Vitamin E The dried Tiare flower in this bottle is a trademark of Parfumerie Tike and is there to show that this product is the real Monoi. The exceptional properties of MONOI de TAHITI and its unique virtues were officially recognized by an “Appellation of Origin” Guarantee of Origin, by the French government, to control counterfeiting. In the French culture, an “appellation d’origine” is granted to only the finest products. This designation is traditionally known all over the world as the guarantee of a superior product


• Made in French Polynesia